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SPRING VEGETABLES: Arugula, Beets, Bok Choy, Broccoli (green+purple) Carrots, Cauliflower (white+orange) Garlic Scapes, Kale (many varieties, baby mix) Lettuce, Musklin mix, Green Onions, New Potatoes, Radishes (valentines mix, french breakfast) Spinach, Turnips (hakurei, purple top)

(availability of some vegetables may vary depending on the date and other factors)

Welcome to our Produce Subscription Service - the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the freshest, locally grown fruits and vegetables without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

Our subscription service allows you to pay a monthly fee and receive weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of your chosen box size, packed with an assortment of freshly harvested produce. You also have the option of paying a one-time payment for the whole growing season, at a reduced price. 

We believe that eating healthy and fresh produce should be accessible and affordable for everyone, which is why we've designed our pricing plans to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

For those who prefer a bi-weekly delivery, our single-box subscription is priced at $69/month. This is perfect for couples or single households who want a steady supply of fresh produce without worrying about buying it every week.

For those who have a small family or love their veggies, our double-box subscription is priced at $94/month for a bi-weekly delivery. This will provide you with a larger quantity of produce to work with and experiment with different recipes.

If you prefer to have weekly deliveries, we offer a single-box subscription for $99/month, which is perfect for small families or plant-based eaters who want to incorporate fresh produce into their daily meals.

Finally, if you have a larger family or simply love to consume a lot of fresh produce, our double-box subscription for a weekly delivery is priced at $169/month.

All of our subscriptions can be canceled or paused at any time, giving you complete control over your deliveries and allowing you to adjust your plan to fit your changing needs.

Join our subscription service today and start enjoying the convenience and health benefits of having fresh, locally-grown produce delivered right to your doorstep!


Each box will contain enough produce for a couple or small family to each a moderate amount of vegetables per week.

We will also include recipes and advice on how to get the most use out of your box!

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